FC « Golden sand »

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The FC « Golden sand »:

Attracts the energy of both material and spiritual wealth
Increases the inner strength of man and the power of his mind
Gives physical strength and endurance
Reveals the inner potential of its user
Contributes to the development of his intuition and the expression of his creativity
Promotes a balance between the material and the spiritual
Improves the capacities of learning, perception and assimilation of information
Harmonizes the functioning of the human body as a whole, provides a revitalizing effect
Offers a sense of fullness and joy
Helps to live in the present moment.
Also it

Protects from Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF)
Increases the resistance and adaptability to the negative factors of their environment
Structures water any other liquid, including the liquids of our body
Restores energy levels and promote internal harmony
Restores, protect and cleanse your Aura

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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