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Targeted at understanding of psychosomatic reasons – how diseases of the body appear at the physical level as consequence of psychology traumas, fears, phobias that initially triggered their development;

Helps to reveal deep reasons of one’s negative state of health, both at physical and psychic levels;

Helps human biofield cleaning and erasing of various negative programs at the levels of body-soul-spirit;

Targeted at organism correction and restoration in cases of nervous system disorders (neurotic disorders, depressions, stressful states, post-traumatic stressful disorders, states of emotional irritation or suppression of all emotions, fears);

Helps to regulate adrenalin production (the hormone of fear), by doing this levels up hormonal background, helps arterial pressure lowering, improvement of sleep;

Helps organism support in case of various genetic nervous system diseases;

Accents organism defense powers, helps immunity strengthening and prevention of development of diseases of various organs and systems, including seasonal (flu, acute respiratory diseases);

Helps restoration and prophylaxis of all kinds of neuro-vegetative disorders (insomnia. headaches, worsening of general state, vegetative-vascular dystonia, and so on;

Helps disbandment of potential threats to one’s life and health;

Helps formation of stable aversion to bad habits – alcohol, smoking, overeating and so on;

Fills up with energies of life, lowers manifestations of aggression.

FC-Bracelet “Overcoming” is a keystone of spiritual calmness, returning the feeling of psychology comfort, internal harmony and equilibrium!

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